"Change can be quick and dramatic when we get past our symptoms to the real causes."

My Testimonial to the LearningMethods work:  I was first introduced to David Gorman by my Alexander Technique teacher, Elizabeth Garren. I had suffered from depressive patterns for decades and David's process quite surprised me by  causing a radical shift in my perspective.  This was a sudden shift, that I started to notice in the hours after one session.

My virtuous circle:  As my outlook shifted, over days and weeks my behavior changed, and as my behavior changed, over some months my entire relation to the world changed.  This included  my social interactions.  As my attitudes changed, people started responding to me differently. Years later I'm now caught up in a "virtuous circle",  one in which better understandings lead to better behavior which in turn leads to better experiences and into still better understandings, and so on.  The clarity and accuracy of the LearningMethods process has led me to a more intimate contact with reality.  Experiencing reality as it is, the real world, turns out to be a lot more interesting and productive than trying to live in the world as I used to imagine it. That was an impossible task that caused a lot of strain that was indeed part of what had been a vicious circle of depressive perspectives and behaviors. 

My imaginary reality:  I became liberated, over time, from all the effort I'd expended trying to maintain my imaginary perspective.  Living in my imaginary world had been particularly seductive as it was based on ideas that sounded rather pleasant on their face.  I had wished they were true. It's perhaps easy to see from this brief summary how easily a clarifying process might have helped me feel better about things.  What's maybe harder to understand is how I had continued so long under the fog of my delusions.  

Other Therapies:  For decades I'd undergone different forms of  therapy, including hypnosis, cognitive therapy, Christian, Buddhist and Taoist teachings, and other psychotherapies, and I'd taken medications. While several of these systems certainly helped me understand my unhappiness, none of them had  helped me apply that understanding to changing my outlook and my behaviors. 

Revealing the obvious:  I wrote an article about that first conversation with David. It's called "A Remarkable Encounter" and it can be seen on the LearningMethods home website.   While my case was peculiarly sudden and extreme in the shift of my perspective, it's not uncommon for students to find real  insight in their first set of lessons.  Much of what the process reveals may seem obvious, yet can often be hidden in plain sight, so you may be able make use of the simplest things that you've somehow managed to ignore for years until a lesson brings them to your attention. 

Further challenges:  While my work with LearningMethods has changed my life, I still have problems I struggle with. For whatever reason I lack the ability to make the changes necessary.  This points out one of the limits of this process. The world does retain its mystery. I believe it, the world, is ultimately beyond our understanding, and all LearningMethods can do is to help us do our best to understand and face our problems. What proves interesting in this process is how time and again our best is better than we had thought it was. It's exhilirating, the work of liberating oneself from systems of problematic concepts, patterns, and beliefs.

The guarantee:   LearningMethods is a reliable process that helps you find clarity on your situation. This process accounts both for the complexity of the world as we experience it and also the organic simplicity of how our lives coordinate within this complexity.  The clarity of LearningMethods in itself often does provide an option, a place where you can make a choice.  At the very least, it's a real comfort to know you've done what you can for now to understand your situation.

Testimonials from others studying LM with Ben:

A performer (dealing with performance anxiety):  "It works!"

Theater teacher:   “I highly recommend Ben as a Learning Methods teacher because of his great rigor in the process, he is extremely skilled and compassionate."

Administrator: I have worked with Ben and learning methods in healing from a back injury. I found the process transformative. Ben took me through an inquiry that helped me see patterns and contributing factors to the injury. I believe that this deep examination and the insights I gained were an important part of the healing process and crucial towards preventing this from happening again.

Artist:  “Working with Ben changed the way I saw my life, and how I functioned with regards to money and time.”

Performer: In the artistic process, learning methods has helped me create richer deeper performances.

Musician:  “Because of working with Ben I was able to see how by using the Learning Methods tools,  I could test my beliefs for accuracy and usefulness and grow in my understanding of my own ability to learn what I am interested in learning."

Director: Working with Ben is great because he's helped me learn to do this myself. I'm not quite there, I still like to have the outside ear, but I am able to use the process somewhat on my own towards identifying solutions for various "problems".

Community activist:  "I consulted with Ben because of difficulties I was having in the course of a Dominant/submissive relationship.  In this relationship I am encouraged to trust myself and to explore, but my need for affirmation and attention had led to an impasse. The discussions I had with Ben helped me to validate my basic values and to deal with my fears in concrete ways. I especially appreciated Ben's  open and non-judgmental approach; there aren't many people who would take it as given that an independent, feminist woman could be healthily sexually submissive."

Single mother: "Through working with Ben and Learning Methods, I came to understand the features of my thinking that were stuck… and I came to see that in fact I was not poor at all, but was dealing with some misunderstandings I had about organization and money.”

Fascinating, practical, respectful, liberating