Helping you to help yourself.

Ben Kreilkamp is certified to teach LearningMethods, this surprisingly effective new process for making changes in your life.  He is also an actor, writer, teacher, and theater coach. 

Certification:  I am one of only four teachers in the United States currently certified to teach David Gorman's work.  After my initial meeting with him early in 2001, I became fascinated and studied his process for several years, practicing and observing for hundreds of hours under his supervision, until I was certified in 2005.

My practice: I now see clients privately, and I have worked with diverse populations of such as K-12 students, prison inmates, writers and performers. The beginning of the process, the conversation, can be done over the phone. Feel free to contact me at freeandeasy at benkreilkamp dot com (copy to your email) to set up an appointment.  Sessions take between one and two hours. Fees are detailed in other pages on this website.

Workshops:  Occasionally I conduct group workshops in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.  I am actively developing the application of the LearningMethods process and knowledge to my theater work as  a performer, writer, coach, and director. I offer occasional workshops for creative artists of all sorts.  I'm available as requested for groups for a variety of purposes, from specific problems like performance anxiety to more global issues such as group communication and teamwork. The applications are limitless. If you contact me I can suggest a structure to help you help yourself in whatever it is you're trying to do. The LearningMethods process can help bring clarity to any discussion, help groups work together, help define goals, help establish boundaries and values, and help form communities. 

My biography: I have a B.A. in  theater (1968) from the Catholic University of America. I served in the U.S. Army from 1969-1971. I've lived in Minneapolis since 1972 and work as a freelance theater artist. I've been active as both a professional actor/director/writer and I've also done a lot of work in theater that helps build community. I've received numerous awards for my theater work, including fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Bush Foundation as a playwright and many other grants and awards as an actor and director.  I've taught workshops, residencies, and classes in schools at all levels from kindergarten to college level.  I've acted in some small films and continue to work as a freelance performer, writer and director in the Twin Cities.

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