"We are the most amazing learning creatures on the planet when we remove what has stopped us from growing."(David Gorman)

Supplementary materialLearningMethods is both a body of research, with knowledge and understandings synthesized over years of study, and also a process to help you apply your best thinking to improving your life.  I've  described it all in  greater detail in the paragraphs below and you  can  find a lot of other material, articles on specific issues,  testimonials and such at  the LearningMethods' home site.

Overview:  Elegantly simple and straightforward,  adaptable to different contexts,  LearningMethods  is  highly effective in helping you make the changes you feel you want and need in your life.  Its effects can be immediate and the changes it initiates are typically permanent, since the process addresses the underlying causes of your difficulty.

The Process: LearningMethods is an experiential process that begins with a structured conversation. First with a trained teacher and later by yourself on your own, you will enter into whatever level of detail seems relevant to your issue. You then carry your insights back into an exploration of the life you're living.  The conversation is about your own life as seen in the light of your own value system.

Results: Since LearningMethods puts you in more accurate touch with all the unique variety of your  life, there's no telling where it might lead. The results depend on you and your situation, your intelligence and capabilities.  What the process adds is simply an assurance that you are indeed making the most of what's available to you. You will know that you are thinking it through as well as you can, asking the right questions and reaching as clear an understanding as possible of what might be done.

Application:  I have personally helped people and seen significant changes with problems as distinct as tinnitus, chronic pain, muscular injury, relationship difficulties, creative blocks, career choices, and several life-changing shifts of self-awareness with issues like performance anxiety, difficulties teaching, insomnia, and even such severe situations as problems with depression, self esteem, poverty
, unemployment and imprisonment. 

Each life is unique:  There are numerous patterns that recur in the process, but your exploration of your own life will be unique and at a certain point there's nothing more to be said about it but to try it out for yourself. Only you can see if this process can help you with whatever situation you're facing, and you can only really find out by trying it.

Respectful, liberating, fascinating:  The LearningMethods process respects you as you are. It always begins with your own perspective and works entirely from your own value system.  It can be radical and liberating, as you consider  your life in the light of your most fundamental values. It can also be fascinating, as it sometimes leads in surprising directions. 

Practical:  LearningMethods offers a concrete and reliable way to open up your profound human birthright of native intelligence.  It puts you in touch with the rich variety of life's possibilities even as you take on the difficult work of facing things that trouble you.  

Free and easy:   LearningMethods' systematic approach lays a groundwork for a life with real integrity and poise. You literally learn where you stand, in detail, what you believe and value, and the implications of all that for how you're living. An integrated life, with the strong connection and support of your own values,  turns out to be a freer and easier way to live.

The history of the process: LearningMethods was developed by David Gorman.  Its origins were in his independent studies of anatomy. He refined and developed these in years at his school in London where he trained teachers of the Alexander Technique.  Eventually his independent thinking developed into his radical synthesis of a new model of our physical operation.  He now calls this model The Anatomy of Wholeness.  This set of insights into our physical structure and use are now taught separately. They are the foundation on which he built the  whole process he now calls LearningMethods. 

The theory:  The general perspective underlying  LearningMethods parallels in many respects such wisdom traditions as Buddhist insight and Cognitive Therapy. LearningMethods is thoroughly grounded in a
detailed awareness and a radical understanding of our psychophysical wholeness. Obviously, many traditions share aspects of those principles.  However, LM supplies this holistic perspective with a well defined, rigorous, structured way to apply its wisdom to any problem you encounter. This process helps make that wisdom useful in your actual life as you're living it.

Precision insight:  The process includes both an overall structure or template for your exploration and a number of individual techniques that help make the exploration effective. The template and the techniques of LearningMethods together bring tremendous leverage to helping you understand and carry out whatever changes you find necessary. The insight is applied when and where you need it most. It is indeed "precision insight."

The journey:  As you learn to deal with the  issues in your life, whether they are fundamental or simply nagging problems, the understandings you gain in moments of  reflection will begin to be present in the relevant moments of your life. You'll begin to learn to bring your innate intelligence to bear on your everyday living. That day-to-day life then supplies what martial artists call the test of your conclusions. You've developed  understandings through systematic reflection, and then you see how these play out in your actual life as you live it.

A virtuous circle: The work you are doing to learn how to learn can become a virtuous circle.  As you realize the capacities you have for learning, new possibilities will open up.  These possibilities then help you develop new patterns that help you improve your life.  As you begin to understand your patterns, you begin to avoid those habits that might have led to greater problems.  At the same time better understandings lead to better patterns which lead to more possibilities, and so on.  To all outward appearances your new life may seem very similar to the old one, but you may find your inner experience of it greatly improved, as it aligns better with your best thinking.

Where it begins: The process finds its starting point with a fundamental question: Do I have within myself the information, understanding, and ability to carry out whatever it is I need to address my current situation?  It is this question that the LearningMethods process begins to help you answer.  

The lessons:  The process is straightforward and we study it using whatever particular issue strikes you as most important at the moment. It begins with you, your desire to make changes in your life. The teacher then helps you apply this process to whatever situation you bring up.

The goal: As you learn to integrate your understandings, in time you become, in the words of the Chinese sage "a fish swimming in sparkling waters."  This is the freedom and ease we are born into but often enough lose track of in the vicissitudes of our lives. It is, in fact, a life founded on yourself, your own best thinking, your own deepest values.

The first step:  All journeys begin with one step.
It's easy to begin. The first step here is for you to begin to notice what you value in your life. Do that and you're already on your way. 

The process begins with you.