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Seattle in June:  I will teach a basic LearningMethods workshop June 5-7, 2009, in Seattle.  A local organizer, Jenise Crane, is organizing a two and a half day workshop on a weekend (Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday).  Contact Jenise at 208.523.6985, or at c.jenise at gmail dot com (copy to your email) if you're interested.  The workshop will be thirteen hours total, Friday 6-9pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-4pm with an hour break each day for lunch. Fees for the workshop are $250 for the whole weekend. Participation will be limited to five participants which should leave time for me to address each person's issues at least in an initial way.  If there is extra space it will be possible to come for a single day for $125.  The Friday evening is open to as many more as are interested. It will be devoted to an introduction to the Anatomy of Wholeness material about the analysis of our physical structure. This will be taught in this workshop as an introduction to the whole process of LearningMethods.  The fee for Friday evening alone will be $75. I will also be available that weekend, and perhaps a day or two before or after, to see people privately as time allows, at the rate of $100 for a 90 minute session.  You can reserve a space for the whole weekend with a deposit of $100, refundable in full until May 15, and after that non-refundable.  Full payment is due before the first day of the workshop. You  can save $25 with an early payment of the whole amount by May 15, $225 for the weekend.   Late payment (at any point after June 5) is $300.

Objectivity, variety, confidentiality

Group Learning:   LearningMethods is meant to be used by yourself to apply to your own life. However, group classes are a common way to teach it and optimal from several perspectives. It is a piece of the elegance and depth of the process that the template for exploration is always the same. However your path through this template can look very different depending on the sort of problem you apply it to. 

ObjectivityIn a session where you are learning by yourself, you can become so caught up in the content of your situation that you might have a hard time following the process itself.  In a group class you get to observe others working through the process and you have a chance to be more objective about the process than when you're applying it to something you yourself are going through. 

Variety:  In a group class, you see the process applied to a variety of problems, and you learn from others' explorations. You learn from both the techniques built into the process that might come out in a particular case and also from the specifics of the situation that someone else is facing. Both this variety and this objectivity can speed your understanding of the process and its techniques.

Dynamic atmosphere: The inherent interest of learning this process lends a dynamic atmosphere which can at times become fascinating and even moving as all focus on how this process applies to each person's particular issue.  Everyone in the group has a chance to both observe and experience the growth of insight into our common human perspective on life on this planet.

Confidentiality in the group work is assured in much the same way as in twelve step groups, where all agree that information disclosed by anyone is not to be shared outside the group.  As teacher I offer the confidentiality of a therapist. (You can link to details on that through the "Private Sessions" page on this website.)  One learns pretty quickly to trust the supportive atmosphere of the group as a reliable and friendly place to explore one's issues. 

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