"When we get in touch with ourselves, we really do have  all the sensitivity and  information we need to guide our lives." (David Gorman)

Private sessions: Contact me to make an appointment at freeandeasy at benkreilkamp dot com (copy to your email).  A session lasts generally between one hour and 90 minutes, and  not more than two hours. In it  I will lead you through a structured exploration of whatever issue you bring up. You will learn the overall template of the process and techniques to help you think more clearly and effectively about your problem. The session can be conducted in person or by phone. 

Fees:  One session: $100.  Three sessions: $250.  Payable by check in advance.
I recommend three sessions. While it is  true that you will learn concrete steps and helpful techniques in one session and often real changes can be initiated in the first conversation, it can take some time for the changes to become apparent. It also takes time experiencing the changes in your everyday life to understand more fully the implications of how  changes are being achieved. With multiple sessions you're more likely to gain the full benefit of how  LearningMethods can be used to improve your navigation of your life as a whole.

Confidentiality:  LearningMethods is not therapy.  It is a value-free process that can be learned for you to apply to your own life's experiences. Nevertheless because of the nature of the personal information you may bring up while dealing with your issues, teachers of the process offer the same sort of confidentiality that a professional therapist would. For a complete description of LearningMethods' professional practices see the home site of LearningMethods.  Click on the "teachers" section and there you can find the code of professional conduct.  There is also a place there to report any complaints you have about me or my work. 

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