Clarity, structured exploration, the well-examined life

Clarity:  The essence of LearningMethods is clarity.  It

provides a practical and systematic approach  to get clear on

any difficulty you find yourself in, whether physical,  psychological,

or cognitive, chronic or one-off, nagging or vexing, a core issue

or just something that bugs you. 

The exploration:  The clarity is achieved through a straightforward

exploration of  relevant details. What do you know about your

problem? Given what you know, does what you're experiencing

make sense?  Are you missing crucial information?   Do you

understand  what you might do about it?  There is no  single set

of questions, only a map  to guide your  personal exploration

of your situation.  Following the template will  help you understand

what is going on in your life. Often enough it will increase your

effectiveness in dealing with it.

The well-examined life:  With its straightforward and structured

exploration, LearningMethods  helps you see your experiences

more clearly, bringing them into detailed focus, understanding

them more accurately.  Over time you'll  start to live a more

well-examined life, founded on your  your best thinking,

your deepest  values. 

A real life:  This  is not an ideal life, but a real life,  your own,

connected to your own values, with all the specific details of

your own history.  You'll  begin to see it all more accurately, 

in greater detail, with greater clarity.  This is not a new life,

but the same life you are living, seen more clearly.

It is one of the bonus features of LearningMethods that dealing

with the problem areas of your life may add contour,

depth, and nuance to the rest of your life.

It all begins with you, your own desire

to improve your life.